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We would like to introduce Gradle to you, a build system that we think is a quantum leap for build technology in the Java (JVM) world. Gradle provides:


  1. A very flexible general purpose build tool like Ant.
  2. Switchable, build-by-convention frameworks a la Maven. But we never lock you in!
  3. Very powerful support for multi-project builds.
  4. Very powerful dependency management (based on Apache Ivy).
    <翻译>对依赖管理的强力支持(基于Apache Ivy)。
  5. Full support for your existing Maven or Ivy repository infrastructure.
  6. Support for transitive dependency management without the need for remote repositories or pom.xml and ivy.xml files.
  7. Ant tasks and builds as first class citizens.
    <翻译>Gradle能够很好地支持Ant任务和构建 。(有更好的翻译欢迎提议)
  8. Groovy build scripts.
  9. A rich domain model for describing your build.

In Chapter 2, Overview you will find a detailed overview of Gradle. Otherwise, the tutorials are waiting, have fun :)


1.1. About this user guide 关于本用户指南

This user guide, like Gradle itself, is under very active development. Some parts of Gradle aren't documented as completely as they need to be. Some of the content presented won't be entirely clear or will assume that you know more about Gradle than you do. We need your help to improve this user guide. You can find out more about contributing to the documentation at the Gradle web site.


Throughout the user guide, you will find some diagrams that represent dependency relationships between Gradle tasks. These use something analogous to the UML dependency notation, which renders an arrow from one task to the task that the first task depends on.

<翻译>贯穿整个用户指南,你会发现一些用于描绘Gradle tasks之间的依赖关系的图表。这些图表有点像UML的依赖标记一样,从一个task延伸出一个箭头指向另一个task,这表示前一个task依赖于后一个task。

原文地址:http://www.gradle.org/docs/cur ... .html

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